We announce the titles of scientific sessions

I Translational medicine in geriatrics

  • Introductory session

II Exercise and nutrition in prevention of premature aging

  • Cardiovascular ageing as a public health burden – modifiable lifestyle risks
  • Age-related changes in cardiovascular system – prevention and treatment with exercise prescription
  • Exercise in the treatment of frailty
  • Nutrition and cognitive disorders

III Psychogeriatrics

  • Central and peripheral regulatory mechanisms of appetite and metabolism
  • Assessments methods for body composition
  • Dietary Patterns, Body Composition and Cognitive Decline – is there a link
  • Changes in body composition and metabolic parameters during anti-psychotic treatment in elderly patients

IV Prion diseases- an extension of the concept

  • Prions and Prionoids
  • A spectrum of prion diseases?
  • Cancer as a prion disease
  • Neuropathology of Prion diseases

V Prevention and effective therapy of cardiovascular disorders in the elderly

  • Optimal Blood Pressure levels in the elderly. More doubts than evidences…
  • Lipid Lowering therapy in the elderly. An attempt at recommendations after ACC/AHA guidelines
  • Polypills – an effective method to improve compliance in the elderly
  • New biomarkers to prevent cardiovascular diseases in the elderly

VI Chronic respiratory diseases in the elderly

  • Immunosenescence and respiratory infections
  • Infections in COPD
  • Multimobidity in COPD
  • New treatment in COPD

VII Age associated osteoarthritis

  • Molecular mechanisms of OA in elderly
  • Stem cells n developement and progression of OA
  • Novel concepts in prevention of OA
  • Therapeutic options in OA

VIII Controversies on prevention and pharmacotherapy in the elderly

  • Pro and Contra discussions